Fabrics: minimum lengths

You can order as little as one metre (about one yard) of most tartans and other fabrics that are available from stock. But as the length you order rises, the price will fall - signfificantly for commercial volumes.

For rare designs, or your own original designs, there is a mimimum length that it is practical to weave. This is due both to the nature of the looms, and because arranging the threads and setting up the weaving loom is the most time-consuming part of the weaving process. So there is always a minimum order value, which may be higher than the price of individual products.

Depending on the material, this can be just a few metres a single garment. But for some materials it may be more - often 15 or 30 metres of double width fabric. This will depend on the material, and also any special finishes. The minimum amount is shown individually each fabric.

If this minimum is more than you need, there are several possibilities. (1) When you get to the checkout, you will see the option to buy the residual amount as cut fabric, or to purchase further products in that same material to make up at least the minimum; (2) you can switch to a different tartan, with a lower minimum order amount; or (3) you can proceed with your order anyway, and let our customer service team help.

Our expert staff can often advise a way around the problem in a way that automated systems cannot replicate. They might know that we happen to have a spare piece of your fabric coming into stock. Or they might know of another customer looking for the same material. Or they make be able to suggest suitable substitutions that you might not have thought of. The possibilities are endless.

If you place an order that we cannot fulfill without requiring extra tartan to be woven, we will always contact you to discuss your needs and preferences before charging - so you can rest assured you will end up with a result you are happy with.

Our products are priced on an individual basis, allowing you to order multiple items in the same fabric to make up the minimum weave. The amount remaining to make up the minimum in your chosen fabric will be displayed in your Basket when you add items. You will find a link there to other products available in that fabric. If there is fabric left over after any garments or other products you order have been made, we will supply this remainder to you with your order. Please contact us if you are unsure.

If you choose more than one fabric (e.g. a heavy weight wool for one garment, and a light weight wool for another) the minimum length will apply to each.


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