Dispatch: rush orders

We can very often arrange rush orders. (At a push we can even deliver a made-to-measure kilt within one week!) So if you have an urgent deadline by which you need delivery, here’s how to make your order happen as quickly as possible:

1 Place your full order on our web site as normal.

2 During the Checkout process, note your delivery deadline in the Special Instructions box.

3 Also tell us there if you would prefer us (a) to place your order at once if we can; or (b) to confirm the order with you before proceeding.

We will reply within one working day to confirm whether we expect to meet your deadline.

Please note that rush orders often require a surcharge. For example, if rushing your order involves significant extra workload, or we need to pay our suppliers a premium, or use special courier arrangements, there may be extra charges. (E.g. all of these apply when making a kilt in a week!) We would notify you of extra costs before charging. For greatest speed, advise us (in the “Special Instructions” box) to proceed with the order within a specified surcharge limit you authorise.

See also the Knowledge Base item on time-critical delivery deadlines.

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