Copyright infringements

We invest thousands of pounds in our own original photography, and in writing textual descriptions, etc. So we take the theft of our content very seriously.

Copyright law

If you operate a web site or blog etc. you should be familiar with copyright law. In essence, the law is simple. The creator of any image automatically owns its copyright, unless they give permission for its use. It is YOUR responsibilty to ensure you can legally use an image. IT IS NOT LEGAL TO DOWNLOAD IMAGES FROM A WEB SITE OR SEARCH ENGINE AND RE-USE THEM.

Our response

We recognise that sometimes copyright-infringements are due to ignorance of the law. So if we believe your use of our content is inadvertent, we may at our discretion give you the opportunity to remove all offending content. We expect full removal within 24 hours of notice being given. And the responsiblity to identify all such content is yours - we do not want to have to spend our time browsing every page of your site.

If we believe the infringement to be knowing (or still there after 24 hours) we will normally move directly to enforcement. Typically this involves contacting your hosting service with a take-down request for your whole site to be taken offline until the copyright infringement ceases. They will do this, as you are always in breach of their own Terms & Conditions (and if they refused, they would be in breach of their own upstream providers T&Cs). So this usually happens quickly, as we can easily prove our ownership.

We may also enforce our default licensing terms through legal action. In essence, if you have used our images without permission, you owe us £1 (one pound UK) per word or per image, per hard copy published or per online page impression, which is legally enforceable.

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