Measuring: Traditional Kilt

Do not try to measure yourself - ask a friend to help. Take all measurements twice - mistakes do happen.

  1. Kilt Length: From from the line used for the waist measurement to mid-knee, or top of knee if you prefer, but no lower. This is the entire kilt length.
  2. Kilt Seat: Taken around the widest part of the buttocks.
  3. Kilt Waist: Tightly around waist at the navel or up to 2" above as the waist straps will be holding your kilt up!
  4. Wearer's Height: Standing straight in socks (no shoes).

If you wish to wear your kilt high on the knee, you can subtract 1" - 1.5" from the measurement above (to mid-knee) but we recommend no more.

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