Highlandwear Buckles & Belts

A belt and buckle is not strictly needed as part of a highlandwear outfit, as you kilt should stay up without it. But belts with buckles are a traditional part of the Argyll (or similar) styles of outfit, for day or semi-formal wear.

The belt itself can be plain or patterned (such as Celtic knotwork) in brown or black leather. The buckle may be chosen with a motif to match the Sporran and/or Sgian Dubh, such as a Thistle or Celtic design. Your choice is entirely a matter of taste, though clan members may choose to show their affiliation with a clan crested buckle (perhaps with matching kiltpin).

Note that we would not normally wear a buckle or belt with the formal Prince Charlie jacket, as the waistcoast (vest) will not lie correctly over it.

For more help, watch our Video on How to Wear a Kilt Outfit

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