Investors in Bespoke garment technologies

Scotweb was one of the first companies to market tailor-made Scottish garments on the Internet. In the years since, we have established an unrivalled competence and experience in producing made-to-order products in individual fabrics. We also have strong knowledge and networks in proven cutting edge technnologies.

Our vision is to extend this competence far beyond our traditional Scottish niche, and meet the global market trend to move towards individualised production. Our plans encompass every stage of the supply chain, allowing bespoke marketing, bespoke fabric design, bespoke product design, and bespoke (localised) production.

As yet, companies operating in this niche have only specialist competences. No one has yet stitched the pieces together. We have that capability.

Even proof-of-concept needs an investment of millions. But rewards would be measured in billions. If this is a journey you think you could be part of, please get in touch.

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