Investors in CLAN/Scotweb

We are open to approaches from potential investors, to help us fulfill our mission to become the world's go-to source for Scottish heritage products such as tartans and tweeds. This encompasses growth plans for CLAN, British Fabric Store, and further specialist storefronts.

Scotweb is Scotland’s leading specialist in the design, production, and marketing of tartan goods and authentic heritage products, having grown rapidly from our roots as a web development and online marketing company. We have developed skills, resources, and contacts in this sector that are second to none, and are enthusiastic about extending our capacities into new markets.

The Scottish heritage marketplace is itself vast, reaching a diaspora of 50-100 million people worldwide. But our specialist and consumer goods also attract discerning customers well beyond this niche, and we see enormous potential in a number of distinct geographic, business, and special interest markets.

If you have an interest in discussing potential business partnerships to our mutual advantage, we are always ready to explore ideas. We prefer to do so initially on the basis of general discussions, which can then develop into concrete proposals and negotiations if we see a realistic partnership.

Please email us in the first instance using our general contact facilities. One of our directors will respond as quickly as possible.

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