Tartan Designer: sett size & repeat

A tartan’s sett is the area covered by one repeat of its pattern. Its dimensions are relative rather than absolute. The actual size will depend on factors such as the material it is being produced in, and its intended use. (It will be far smaller woven for a silk tie than painted on an aircraft tailfin!)

So 250 threads of silk, for example, will be far narrower than 250 threads of medium or heavy weight wool. In fact the figure of 250 is an ideal number of threads to aim for in your sett if you intend to have a kilt made in your tartan. If you wish us to weave tartan you design in a special large or small sett, please advise us of this when ordering.

The approximate dimensions of the sett you are designing updates instantly as you adjust the pattern, in a display at the bottom of the View panel. We can produce your tartan design for you in short lengths of these fabrics (and many more materials by special arrangement in larger volumes).

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