Tartan Designer: describe your design

Once you have saved a tartan design in our system, you can name and describe it in detail. This will help friends and others to appreciate and understand the ideas and inspirations that lie behind the tartan you have created.

Firstly you should give your tartan a Name, which should ideally be unique, but we do not enforce this. We recommend that at a minimum you write a short description (just a couple of lines) which will be displayed in various places as a brief introduction to the tartan’s origins and meaning.

You should also set up a ‘Screen Name‘ by which you would wish to be known if you share designs in the Gallery, which can also be done in your Member’s Area.

We also provide the facility, on the Details page for each tartan you design, for you to providebackground information in much more depth. This includes space to say more about your inspirations, and the reason you chose each colour, for example. We particularly recommend completing these sections as fully as possible if you intend to commission an Expert Critique, to help your reviewer understand what you are hoping to achieve with your new tartan design.

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