Tartan Designer: arranging the pattern

You arrange the bands of colour in your tartan design simply by moving their sliders - just click-and-drag the entire slider bar up or downwards. You can also create a new colour band in your design by dropping a colour from the Use panel anywhere in the sequence.

To identify which slider bar you need to adjust to make a desired change, just hover your mouse over the Instant Preview in the View panel. This highlights the vertical band in the Preview, and also highlights its corresponding colour slider in the Arrange panel.

A tartan can be simple or complex. It may have just a few repeating bands of varying sizes, up to quite a large number. Only you can decide what appearance you want to achieve, by experimenting with various arrangements.

Our system allows you to have two bands of an identical colour next to each other - the effect will be the same as a single band of their combined widths. However this is confusing so we recommend you delete one and expand the size of the other.

Thread Counts (colour band widths)

You can adjust the width of each band of colour in two ways. Either click-and-drag the ‘handle’ of any slider bar to the left or right. Or type a number into its counter box to the right of each. Note that the count will always increment in steps of two, as tartans are almost always woven in even-numbered pairs of threads.

The numbers represent the number of threads used in a typical woven fabric (called the‘threadcount’). This does not always correspond to the actual number of threads in a woven fabric, as that may vary according to the material etc. It is the proportions of one band relative to another that really matters. A thread count of 8-24-16 is effectively the same is one of 4-12-8.

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