What does Made in Britain mean?

We're proud that the vast majority of goods we offer are authentically made to traditional standards here in Scotland, or nearby. This dedication to quality and supporting local craft skills sets us apart from most copycat competitors whose products are often poorly made by low-cost labour overseas, destroying our local industries in the process. Yes, this annoys us.

But we do source a few of the goods we sell from further afield, because we think the quality meets our exacting standards and we can't find anyone to make it for us locally at a reasonable price to you. All our products are identified as Made in Britain or otherwise, so we're transparent about this.

To be clear, the "Made in Britain" filter in the navigation menu identifies items produced in the British Isles. This describes well over 95% of our products. Of these the vast majority are Made in Scotland, with some from quality producers in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, or the Irish Republic.

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