Tartan Designer: social sharing and publication

Sharing tartan designs in the Gallery

You can share any of your tartan designs in Scotweb’s tartan Gallery, so that other people can enjoy and perhaps respond to your creative ideas. Just select 'Public' in the save stage (Finish button, from Preview) and make sure you've given it a good name and description.

Your design will then immediately appear for public view. This means that anyone will be able to load and modify it. And whilst this would be rare in practice, this also means that any other user could order your design as woven fabric, and thereafter own its copyright. We therefore recommendnot publishing in the Gallery any design you are considering having produced or officially recorded.

Please also note our Licensing Terms before sharing any design in the Gallery, or in any other way. These give anyone the right to use your tartan design for non-commercial purposes, and give Scotweb the exclusive right to weave it. (These terms apply to all designs created in this system, whether or not they have been shared in the Gallery, which you accept when you first save any design in our system.)

Social sharing

You can also share your designs using social media, or with friends and family by email (we don't store these addresses). Once you've saved it you'll see a social media sharing icon or icons.

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