Tartan Designer: saving your designs

Saving tartan designsYour designs will be temporarily saved automatically during your visit. (Your computer must have ‘cookies’ enabled for this feature to work.) However, if you begin a new design, any earlier work will be lost.

If you wish to return to a tartan you are designing on a later occasion (or purchase items, etc.)  first log-in to the Members’ area (register free of charge), and accept our Terms and Conditions before saving. The ‘Save‘ or ‘Save As‘ buttons on the Design page will then become active.

While saving, you will also be asked if you wish to share your design publicly in our Gallery. It will be Private by default. You can also give yourself a Designer name by which you can be known publicly.

At this stage our systems also give you the option to generate Modern, Ancient, and Reproduction versions of your design, which are the traditional tartan colourways. These will appear in your account if selected.

You will find any designs you have previously saved both on the Gallery screen (in the Your Designs panel) and in your Member’s Area.

Once you have saved a tartan design, you can also name it, and describe in detail your ideas and inspirations. You will also now find a high quality generated image of your design.

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