Tartan Designer: official recording

Official recording of new tartan designs is now undertaken by the Scottish Register of Tartans, at Register House in Edinburgh. We would advise that you consider recording your tartan if you intend to have it woven for anything other than personal use (e.g. for a club or company) as this provides institutional support to your claims to your unique design. The Register charges a separate fee for this service.

If you intend to record your design officially, we recommend that you should also commission a professional critique (chargeable) prior to approaching the Scottish Register of Tartans for potential recording. We say this to help protect the standard of official recordings, which have traditionally been submitted by professional tartan designers. Do not think of this as a surcharge, but rather as a huge saving on achieving top grade results! You would previously have had to pay a tartan expert large fees to create a tartan on your behalf, and using our system gives you far more creative input, with the confidence of a professional result, at much lower overall cost!

We also request that if you go on to formally record with the Scottish Register of Tartans a design created in our online Tartan Designer, please include in the recording notes that it was designed with the help of the “Scotweb Online Tartan Designer“.

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