Tartan Designer: preview and sett size


Tartan design preview button

We provide three ways to view the tartan pattern resulting from your design.

1. First is the Instant Display to the right side of the Arrange Lines panel. This updates in near-real time as you make changes. This shows your pattern’s proportions, not its actual size, so even a few threads will expand to fill its area. 

2. We also provide an Preview facility, which you can generate by clicking on the Preview button near the top of the screen. You can drag this around, and enlarge or reduce the image to see how it looks at various scales. You can also show (or hide, by clicking on it) a tape measure to see your current sett size for the fabric selected in the Settings (cog icon) by measuring the repeat.

Previewing tartan designs3.Once you have saved your design, you will find a High Quality Generated Image in the Finish panel (button to the top of the Preview panel). If you choose to send one of your designs to a friend by email, it is a higher quality enlarged version that they will receive.

Sett size

A tartan’s sett is the area covered by one repeat of its pattern. Its dimensions are relative rather than absolute. The actual size will depend on factors such as the material it is being produced in, and its intended use. (It will be far smaller woven for a silk tie than painted on an aircraft tailfin!)

So 250 threads of silk, for example, will be far narrower than 250 threads of medium or heavy weight wool. In fact the figure of 250 is an ideal number of threads to aim for in your sett if you intend to have a kilt made in your tartan. If you wish us to weave tartan you design in a special large or small sett, please advise us of this when ordering.

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