Tartan Designer: arranging the pattern


Tartan Designer colour band MagnifierOnce you have selected your working colour palette, click the Arrange Lines button to move to the next stage. This panel has two parts: a working area to the left, and a display area to the right.

The display area has a magnifier band highlighting the active part of the working area, which can be resized using the magnifier icons in the working area. Dragging the magnifier handle up or down, or clicking/touching anywhere on the display panel, will reposition the working area.

There are two aspects to your design: (1) the sequence of colour bands; and (2) the width of those colour bands. 


We suggest you lay out the sequence first. Do this by dragging colours from your working palette one at a time to the top of the working area. You can also drag into the midst of your sequence at any time

You can also reposition any band in the sequence by dragging its left hand side up or down.

Band widths

The numbers on each band represent the number of threads used in a typical woven fabric (called the‘threadcount’). It is the proportions of one band relative to another that really matters. A thread count of 8-24-16 is effectively the same pattern is one of 4-12-8, but is a larger sett (its actual size depending on the fabric type).

You can adjust the width of each band of colour in two ways. You can simply drag their margins (the hand icon) up or downwards. Or else tap its counter display and type the number you wish. Note that the count will always increment in steps of two, as tartans are almost always woven in even-numbered pairs of threads.

If a band is too narrow for its threadcount to appear, you should first resize it by touching it to expand or by using the magnifier icons.

Our system allows you to have two bands of an identical colour next to each other - the effect will be the same as a single band of their combined widths. However this is confusing so we recommend you delete one and expand the size of the other.

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