Product review guidelines

We welcome all comments about our products and service, and will publish honest criticisms as well as testimonials. But all submissions are reviewed by our editorial staff before appearing, to ensure they meet our guidelines below.

  1. No one-word reviews - tell people what you like or dislike, and why; be factual where possible.
  2. Comments should normally be based on first-hand experience of the product, or our service.
  3. Honest criticism is welcome, but comments deemed malicious may be rejected.
  4. No URLS or other contact details, and mention of competitors should be impartial.
  5. All reviews should be in English - no obscenities, very poor spelling or TXT-speak.
  6. Questions (as distinct from comments) only if helpful to other customers; if you are a registered member we may reply to you directly instead.

We impose no length limit; but we may edit submissions for brevity.

Finally, please note that editorial decisions are final, and we cannot enter into correspondence about these. If your review is rejected, please check the guidelines above before submitting again.

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