Tartan Designer: add or change colours

How to add colours

First, click or drag colours from any of the three palettes in the ‘Choose’ panel, to put them into yourUse shelf. Each palette is ideal for different needs:

  1. the Simple Palette;
  2. the Weavers’ Palette; or
  3. the Professional Palette.

Next, drag colours you’ve chosen out of the Use shelf, dropping them into position in the Arrangepanel. You can add multiple stripes in the same shades by dragging any colour from the Use panel as often as you like.

How to remove colours

There are two ways to remove colours from your design.

(1) If you wish only to remove a single colour band from your tartan sequence, click the small‘delete’ icon beside its slider bar in the Arrange panel.

(2) If you want to remove all uses of that shade in your tartan, and also from your Use list, then the quick way is to click the delete link below that colour in the Use panel.

You can also change all instances of any colour by dropping a new colour onto it in the Use panel.

How to change colours

One of the most useful features of our online Tartan Designer is the ability to change any colour in a plaid to a new shade, and see the result instantly.

To change all instances of a colour to a new shade, simply drag the new colour you want to use from the ‘Choose’ panel, and drop it onto the the ‘old’ colour in the ‘Use’ panel. You will see the live result in the ‘View’ panel to the right change immediately.

If you only wish to change a single colour band in your Arrange panel, you should drag the new shade from the Use panel to just above or below the one you want to replace in the Arrange panel, tocreate a new slider bar. Then adjust its number of threads, and delete the old slider.

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