Why is Scottish cashmere special?

There are two very different types of product which are legally allowed to call themselves cashmere. It pays to know the difference as this is a market where saving a little money is very much a false economy!

Most‘cashmere’ you’ll find on the high street or advertised in the mainstream magazines or on discount web sites use shorter, thicker, fibres, and less sophisticated processing (mostly in factories in Asia). This results in garments that fall far short of the fantastically light but warm characteristics that makes ‘real’ cashmere so renowned. And such garments also tend quickly to lose their shape and to ‘bobble’.

Scottish cashmere traditionally uses only the finest fibres, and a manufacturing process that is highly skilled, time-intensive, and therefore costly. But the results are infinitely more satisfactory, which is why these products are sought out by discriminating purchasers the world over. For more information, see our Scottish Cashmere factsheet. We offer a wide range of cashmere goods, for women, men, children, and the home.

You may find our Introduction Page helpful, as a guide to the sorts of goods we offer. Otherwise, use the main Site Search at the top of every page, where searching for ‘cashmere’ will give you a list of products, categorised by department. And do make sure you’ve downloaded our Free Scottish Cashmere Factsheet, so you fully understand why our products are so much better than what you’ll find in most high street stores!

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