Cashmere care and storage - storing cashmere

If you've invested in the cosy perfection of Scottish cashmere knitwear, you'll want to look after your garment well. Here we tell you how, with the unrivalled experience that comes from being Scotland’s oldest heritage retailer online. Our advice covers three main aspects of caring for cashmere:

Cashmere is mostly a cool or cold weather product, as its unparalled warmth can be a little much in warmer climates during summer. You’ll therefore probably want to put it away each year for the season.

Launder your garments thoroughly before you put them away. Moths love any traces of biological matter, encouraging larvae to develop. And make sure your garments are full dry before storing. Any damp could lead to mould.

If you have any risk of clothes moth presence, freeze the garments overnight. Then take them out of the freeze for 24 hours. Then re-freeze them overnight again! This encourages the incredibly hardy moth larvae to hatch, and gets them on the second pass.

It’s best to store your cashmere garments individually. Place each piece in its own sealable storage bag. This will protect it from moths or other environmental pollutants, and in the unfortunate event that any already has contamination the one-bag-per-item approach will ensure the outbreak does not spread. Trust us, if there’s one thing worse than losing a much loved garment, it’s losing several at once! And yes, it’s happened to us.

You can buy specialist garment bags for storing Cashmere. But frankly any large bag is fine. Zip-close ones are ideal. It’s a good idea to leave a few cedar balls around outside the bagged garments, or use other specialist products such as sprays. Their scent deters moths so protects the storage area from infestation.

Store your cashmere in a clean, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight. If they’re being stored for long, maybe give your garments a little shake now and again to get rid of any dust or moth eggs. But if you’ve done the rest well, that shouldn’t be necessary.

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