Tartan Designer: review your design

We provide two ways to view the tartan pattern resulting from your design.

First is the Instant Preview in the View panel to the right side of the Design page. This updates in near-real time as you make changes, although large and complex patterns may incur a delay. The preview is designed to show your pattern’s proportions, not its actual size, so even a few threads will expand to fill its area. This preview panel occupies a limited screen area, so if your sett’s threadcount grows beyond a certain limit you may need to use the scroll bars that appear to see the entire output.

We also provide an Enlarged View facility, which you can generate by clicking on the Instant Preview. This can take a few seconds to appear, due to the higher quality, and gives a more detailed image generated from your pattern.

If you choose to send one of your designs to a friend by email, it is a higher quality enlarged version that they will receive.

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