New CLAN site

What does 'New site' mean?

CLAN.com will soon replace Scotweb.co.uk after 23 years of service. The site is now fully operational, though we'll be adding many further features and enhancements.

So I can order?

YES. Just note that during our transition period we can't display Scotweb stock (or Points, Reviews, or your tartan designer creations) on CLAN.

Can I check stock?

Easiest is to just to call our service team (free: 0800 634 8640  from UK, or 1-888-SCOTWEB from North America) or email if you're not in a rush. You can also check on Scotweb.co.uk before ordering on CLAN.

Why are you changing your site? 

It's over a decade since our last major relaunch. CLAN will be much easier to navigate and use, especially on mobiles and other devices. Plus we've built a robust technical platform from which to serve you better into the future.

Why are you changing your name from Scotweb? 

We're not entirely. Scotweb will still be our company name. But times have changed since we launched in 1995. And we feel CLAN represents who we are today, which is a family business, all about heritage, community, and tradition. 

Can I spend my Scotweb Points on CLAN? 

Yes, but not yet. When we're ready, we'll transfer all existing accounts including Points and Reviews etc to CLAN. so you won't lose any credit.

When will CLAN be finished? 

In one sense never, as we've plans for years to come. But over the coming months we'll be first recommding and then forwarding visitors from Scotweb.co.uk and when it's all ready we'll transfer your account details.

Can I suggest an improvement?

Yes please! If you've come across a problem, or see somewhere that could be more helpful, please contact us. We're doing this for you!

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