Expert Tartan Design Service

Have your own family, club, or business tartan expertly designed to your own brief by one of the world's foremost tartan authorities.


  • Design by a world authority
  • Based on your own brief
  • Refine the design until delighted

Our expert tartan design service provides all the assistance you need to create your own unique and exclusive plaid, for your business, event, organisation, or even personal use.

The service will be provided by D.C. Dalgliesh Ltd of Selkirk Scotland, the historic mill that has produced more tartans than any other weaver on earth.

Our design team includes experts in traditional tartans working alongside fully trained designers and weavers, to bring both an aesthetic, a historic, and a highly practical skill set to your project.

Each commission is different, but would normally begin with your providing a brief, describing the tartan you are wanting, either with sketches or colour themes or numeric themes etc. It is also helpful to know how you intend to use it.

We will then produce some design ideas for you to approve or refine, which can be worked on until you are satisfied. Note that surcharges may apply for particularly extensive consultations, though this is unusual.

If you wish your design to be formally recorded with the Scottish Register of Tartans, we can also provide assistance with this.

About D C Dalgliesh

There are few industries left where speed and scale are not celebrated. Bigger, faster, stronger is now the way of the world.

But not the whole world.There are a band of champions, few in number, who fiercely protect the values upon which all industry was once built - authenticity, quality and integrity. Champions who create products that are part of a story much richer than anything mass produced. Products afforded the time they deserve. Products with soul.

We are DC Dalgliesh.he world's only dedicated hand-crafted tartan mill.

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