Claymore Kilt Pin

This expertly crafted Claymore Kilt Pin is accurately styled after the original Highlander's "big sword".


These Claidhmhors (pronounced "Claymore" meaning "big sword") are reproductions of the original highlander's sword, and were often of incredibly large proportions requiring the use of both hands. The Scottish Clansman spared no effort in finding the finest blades available, as evidenced by the number of Italian Ferrara and Toledo blades on ancient Claidhmhors. In the famous McIan print of Charles Edward Stuart, he is shown leaning on his sword, the blade of which is curved under his weight, to demonstrate the temper of the steel.

Additional Information

Dimensions 4"
Emblem Sword

About Art Pewter

The late Scottish industrialist, Hamish Dawson-Bowman, founded a company with the express purpose of introducing a sense of purpose and pride of achievement into the lives of disabled ex-servicemen, by reviving the ancient art of the Scottish silversmith which for so long had lain dormant.

Throughout the succeeding decades our skilled craftsmen have continued to hand fashion authentic jewellery incorporating enduring Celtic designs, whose timeless beauty has proven to be ever more appealing in an age of relentless change.

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