Clan Crest Kilt Pin in Pewter

This kilt pin is a fantastic way to personalise any kilt outfit. Wear it with a co-ordinating Sgian Dubh and sporran for a sophisticated look.


  • Wide range of Clan names
  • Thoughtful gift
  • 100% pewter
  • Expertly crafted
  • Made in Scotland

Although the kilt pin is forever destined to be synonymous with Queen Victoria's desire to preserve her modesty on a blustery day, it's undeniably a great way to personalise your kilt outfit.

Exquisitely detailed in subtle pewter, this classic sword kilt pin adds a touch of elegance to a kilt without being obtrusive or flashy. Available in a wide range of Clan Crests and Scottish symbols, like the Lion Rampant or Scottish Thistle, it's an easy and stylish way to show off Scottish heritage. And, of course, on a blustery day, you can thank Queen Victoria for preserving your modesty.

Additional Information

Dimensions 3.5 inches long
Emblem Clan crest

About Gaelic Themes

Gaelic Themes is the world's largest producer of Clan Crest products, as well as a large range of top quality Highland Dress and other traditional Scottish products. The company goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure the originality and quality of its products and their seal of quality is your guarantee of satisfaction. Gaelic Themes holds the exclusive licensing rights to the official Clan Crest designs depicted in the latest Harper Collins Clan Encyclopaedia by Way and Squire and approved by the clan chiefs and the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

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