Clan Crest Dress Sporran, Targe Design

The exquisite, detailed clan badge and antique finish let you pay homage to your Scottish ancestors in style.
Dimensions 17 x 18 cm
Emblem Clan crest
Formality Formal
  • Detailed pewter clan badge
  • Detachable clan badge
  • Cantle lined with black leather
  • Handmade in Scotland
  • Bovine/equine front

This sporran is steeped in tradition and is the perfect accessory for anyone who wishes to show their pride in their Scottish heritage. The black leather targe which frames the exquisite pewter Clan Crest badge pays homage to the traditional Scottish shield used in battle and a subtle reminder of the heroic nature of the Scottish people. The Clan Crest badge which is the focus of this sporran, is available in a large range of clan names. The badge is also detachable, so it can be worn on other items such the traditional Glengarry cap. To compliment the traditional feel of this sporran, the cantle has a distinguished antique finish and is adorned with intricate Celtic knot work. Your kilt pin and sgian dubh should have a similar antique finish to make sure that your outfit looks polished and suave. This sporran is handmade in Scotland and uses only the finest materials. Please note, because natural materials are used in the crafting of this item, some colours and markings may vary. Synthetic fur sporrans are also available upon request.

About Margaret Morrison

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As a family owned and run business employing three generations, Morrison's aim to pass on the traditional skills of Sporran making. Situated in Perthshire in the heart of Scotland, the company specialises in making-to-order a full range of Highland Regalia and Leatherwear, using only the finest quality leathers and skins. Everything is hand made in Scotland using time-honoured techniques and methods, unspoilt by modern technology. The large range includes Alternative Fur Sporrans which are suitable for any country world wide. A special gift Sporran Box Set which comprises a Sporran, Chain Strap, Belt and a Buckle, delivered in a presentation foam box, makes an ideal gift.

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