Clan Crest Cuff Links

Expertly crafted, these elegant cuff links are plated with practical Palladium to make them non-tarnish and non-scratch ensuring that they're a quality buy.
Budget Standard
Material Pewter
Emblem Clan crest
  • Wide range of Clan Crests
  • Expert craftmanship
  • Non-scratch non-tarnish finish
  • Approved by Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs
  • High quality pewter

In Scotland's turbulent history, Clan Crests where given out by Scotland's Clan chiefs as badges of allegiance. These where fastened to clothing with a strap and buckle - only chiefs could use the badge without the strap and buckle.

The straps or belts were coiled around the crest - a feature which has become an integral part of modern Clan Crests and often used to display the clan name or motto.

These classic and very elegant cufflinks are made from the finest quality pewter and is coated in Palladium for a non-scratch, non-tarnish finish. Worn with a dress shirt and Prince Charlie jacket these cuff links will coordinate perfectly with your Clan Crest sporran and Sgian Dubh.

These crests are not only impeccably detailed but are also approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs as authentic representations.

Every Clan Chief or family head has a Coat of Arms granted by the Lord Lyon King of Arms, which is listed in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland. The Register, established in 1592 and kept in the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, is acknowledged as being the most magnificent heraldic manuscript in Scotland.

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The late Scottish industrialist, Hamish Dawson-Bowman, founded a company with the express purpose of introducing a sense of purpose and pride of achievement into the lives of disabled ex-servicemen, by reviving the ancient art of the Scottish silversmith which for so long had lain dormant.

Throughout the succeeding decades our skilled craftsmen have continued to hand fashion authentic jewellery incorporating enduring Celtic designs, whose timeless beauty has proven to be ever more appealing in an age of relentless change.

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