Circular Celtic Belt Buckle

This circular belt buckle is a fantastic alternative to the traditional rectangular buckle and the complex knot work makes this sturdy buckle an exceptional accessory.
Budget Standard
Material Pewter
Emblem Celtic design
  • Brass with Chrome Plating
  • Made in Scotland
  • Celtic knot Inspired Design
  • Antique Finish
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship

This eye-catching belt buckle is simply unique. The round shape makes a dramatic change from the traditional rectangular buckle shape. Reminiscent of a traditional shield, this buckle adds some highland flair and history to any kilt outfit.

Celtic knotwork traditionally represents never-ending life. The highly detailed knot work on this buckle are classic patterns that make for a timeless accessory.

This sturdy belt buckle is perfectly sized for any kilt belt. Uniquely shaped and traditionally crafted in Scotland, this belt buckle will make a fantastic addition to the wardrobe and will last a lifetime.

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