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Unusual Tartans!

Unusual Tartans!
By Monica Fong

Tartans aren't only for Scottish clans- tartan can be designed for corporate uses, to signify an event or even for a film or character.

Here are some tartans you have probably never heard of, that have actually been registered. If you don't believe me, search yourself!


All the colours you could want!

Rainbow Tartan


Designed for the love of tartan...ahhh!

Love Tartan

Edinburgh Festival

Yup, that famous Fringe Festival that takes place in the capital every August has its very own tartan.

Edinburgh Festival Tartan

Hello Kitty

To commemorate the world famous character- Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Tartan


The Festive holiday has a tartan of its own.

Christmas Tartan

Irn Bru

Inspiration from the classic brand label is turned into tartan!

Irn Bru Tartan


Allegedly based off of the photo of a deck chair aboard the Titanic.

Titanic Tartan

(All tartan images are taken from the Scottish Register of Tartans, 2018)

There are plenty other tartans which you just wouldn't expect! If you know of any please feel free to share with us the bizarre ones you have ever come across.

If this has given you some inspiration or you'd like a go of creating your own tartan, try our free online Tartan Designer. Or if you need some help pulling those creative strings, we have an Expert Tartan Design Service.