Tartan Tuesdays - Clan Chattan

Tartan Tuesdays - Clan Chattan
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The tartan pictured is our Chattan Modern, 110z, Pure New Wool Tartan.

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Origin of name

The origin of the name Chattan is disputed. There are three main theories.

- The name derives from the Catti, a tribe of Gauls, driven out by the advancing Romans.

- The name is taken from Cait, an ancient name for the present counties of Caithness and Sutherland.

- The clan derives its name from Gillchattan Mor, baillie of Ardchattan, follower of St Cattan. This is the most widely accepted theory.

Clan Chattan

Until the early 14th century the Clan Chattan was a separate Scottish clan with its own chieftencey, until Angus Mackintosh, 6th chief of Clan Mackintosh married Eva, the daughter of Gilpatric Dougal Dall, the 6th chief of Clan Chattan. Thus Angus Mackintosh became 6th chief of Clan Mackintosh and 7th chief of the Clan Chattan. The two clans united to form the Chattan Confederation, headed by the chief of Clan Mackintosh.


The Chattan Confederation formed when the Clan Chattan and Clan Mackintosh united under the Mackintosh chief.

During the War of Independence with England, the clan sided with Robert I of Scotland, most likely due to the fact that MacKintosh's enemy, John Comyn had declared for Edward Balliol. In reward for his fealty, MacKintosh was awarded the Comyn lands of Benchar in Badenoch in 1319. It was after this event that the Chattan Confederation grew in size and influence to 17 tribes.

During the 1745 Jacobite Rising, Angus, the chief of Clan MacKintosh was a captain in the Black Watch. Although traditionally the Clan supported the House of Stewart they had not declared for the Young Pretender. Angus's wife, Anne, of Farquharson, successfully rallied the Chattan Confederation to the Jacobite cause.

Following the defeat at the Battle of Culloden in 1746 the clan was severely diminished in strength and influence. In 1747 the Clan Chattan Association was established as a way to stimulate interest in the clan history. The Association floundered and a second Association was founded in 1893, but again died out around 1900. The third Association was founded in 1933 in London and continues to this day.

In 1942, the Lyon court separated the leadership of Clan MacKintosh and Clan Chattan. The leadership of Clan Chattan passed to the Mackintosh of Torcastle line.

Crest Badge: A cat salient, proper.

Clan Motto: 'Touch not the catt bot a glove'.

'Bot' may mean 'without' or 'ungloved', either being a warning to those who would harm the clan.

Clan Septs

The following surnames are historically related and may also wear these tartans

Adamson, Adamsone, Ademson, Ademsoun, Ademsoune, Aesone, Aison, Aissone, Aissoun, Aissoune, Alees, Aleese, Archibald, Ason, Asone, Asson, Assone, Aue, Ave, Ay, Aye, Ayesone, Ayson, Aysone, Aysoun, Ayssoun, Bain, Baine, Baines, Bane, Bayin, Bayn, Bayne, Baynes, Baynne, Bean, Beanes, Beine, Bene, Bhaine, Brabener, Brabiner, Brabnar, Braboner, Brabunar, Brabuner, Braibener, Braymer, Brebener, Brebner, Breboner, Brember, Brembner, Bremner, Brimer, Brimmer, Brimner, Brobner, Brymer, Brymner, Caidh, Caig, Cameron, Catan, Catanach, Catanache, Catanoch, Cate, Cathan, Catnach, Cattan, Cattanach, Cattanoch, Cattenach, Cattenoch, Ceiteach, Chatain, Chombeich, Chombich, Chombie, Claerk, Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clarksone, Clearkson, Cleary, Clerach, Clerc, Clerck, Clercsone, Cleric, Clerie, Clerk, Clerke, Clerkson, Clerksone, Clerksoun, Clerksson, Clunie, Clunnie, Cluny, Clwny, Clwnye, Coates, Coats, Coitis, Coittes, Coittis, Comb, Combach, Combe, Combich, Combie, Conlay, Conley, Cotis, Cottes, Cottis, Coults, Couric, Coutes, Coutis, Couts, Coutts, Couttss, Coutys, Cowltis, Cowtes, Cowtis, Cowttis, Crarer, Crerar, Crerer, Criathrar, Cultis, Cults, Curie, Curray, Curre, Curri, Currie, Curry, Currye, Cutis, Dallas, Dallass, Dallyas, Dason, Dasone, Daueson, Dauesoun, Dauiesone, Dauison, Dauisone, Dauisoun, Dauson, Dausoun, Dauyson, Dauysone, Daveson, Davidson, Davidsone, Davie, Daviesoune, Davis, Davison, Davisoun, Davitson, Davyson, Davysone, Daw, Dawe, Dawes, Daweson, Dawson, Dawsone, Dawysone, Dawysoun, Dean, Deane, Deason, Deasone, Deasson, Deassoun, Dein, Dene, Desson, Deyne, Dick, Dickason, Dickeson, Dickie, Dickison, Dickson, Dicsoun, Dikiesoun, Dikkyson, Dikson, Diksonne, Dikyson, Dixon, Dolace, Dolas, Dolasse, Dolays, Doles, Doleys, Dollace, Dolles, Eason, Easone, Easson, Eldar, Eldare, Elder, Esson, Fail, Fairhar, Fall, Farahar, Farcar, Farchar, Farchare, Farcharsone, Farcharsoun, Farchyrson, Farhard, Farqhar, Farqrson, Farquar, Farquhar, Farquharson, Farquharsone, Farquhart, Farthquhare, Faurcharson, Faurcharsone, Fearachar, Fearchair, Fercard, Ferchar, Ferchard, Ferchart, Fercheth, Ferchware, Feresoun, Ferghard, Ferhare, Ferkar, Ferquard, Ferquhar, Ferquharsoun, Fersen, Ferson, Ferthet, Findel, Findelasone, Findlaisone, Findlauson, Findlaw, Findlay, Findlayson, Findley, Findleysone, Finlaison, Finlason, Finlasone, Finlasoun, Finlaw, Finlawsone, Finlawsoune, Finlay, Finlayson, Finley, Finlinson, Fionnla, Fionnlach, Fionnlagh, Forquhair, Fourcharsoun, Fyndelay, Fyndelosoun, Fyndlae, Fyndlasoun, Fyndlaw, Fynlaw, Fynlawesone, Fynloson, Galashan, Galeaspe, Gellas, Gellion, Ghillaspic, Gilasp, Gilaspy, Gilderoy, Gilhaspy, Gilhespy, Gilies, Gilise, Gilispie, Gillan, Gillas, Gillaspik, Gillaspy, Gillean, Gilleis, Gilleon, Gilles, Gillespey, Gillespie, Gillian, Gillice, Gillie, Gillies, Gilliosa, Gillis, Gillise, Gilliss, Gillon, Gilray, Gilroy, Gilry, Gilvray, Gilyean, Gilzean, Gilzeane, Glashan, Glashen, Glashin, Glen, Glene, Gleney, Glenn, Glennay, Glennie, Glenny, Gleny, Golane, Golin, Gollan, Golland, Gollane, Gollin, Gollon, Gove, Gow, Gowan, Gowans, Gowen, Gowie, Gowin, Gracey, Gracie, Gracy, Graisich, Grasich, Grass, Grasse, Grasseich, Grassiche, Grassichsone, Grassick, Grassie, Grasycht, Graysich, Greasaighe, Greasich, Grecie, Greishich, Greoschich, Greoshich, Greshach, Gresich, Gressiche, Greusach, Greusaich, Grevsach, Griasaich, Griesck, Gylis, Gyllis, Hairdy, Hardie, Hardy, Hardye, Heagie, Heagy, Heegie, Heggie, Hegie, Hegy, Higgie, Hosack, Hosak, Hosick, Hossack, Hossok, Hossoke, Ison, Isone, Kae, Kay, Kaye, Kayt, Keathe, Keay, Kee, Keht, Keith, Kellas, Kelles, Kerracher, Ket, Keth, Kethe, Key, Keyth, Keythe, Keytht, Kite, Knevan, Kowtis, Leary, Lees, Leys, Lion, Lione, Lios, Lioun, Lyon, Lyoun, Lyoune, Macaig, Macaige, Macaindreis, Macalbea, Macaleerie, Macalees, Macaliece, Macanally, Macandrew, Macandrie, Macandro, Macandy, Macannally, Maca'phearsain, Maca'phearsoin, Macappersone, Macardie, Macardy, Macarquhar, Macay, Macbain, Macbaith, Macbane, Macbardie, Macbathe, Macbay, Macbayne, Macbea, Macbean, Macbeane, Macbeath, Macbeatha, Macbeathy, Macbee, Macbehan, Macbeith, Macben, Macbeth, Macbetha, Macbey, Macbheath, Macbheatha, Macbheathain, Macburie, Maccagy, Maccaig, Maccaige, Maccannally, Maccarday, Maccardie, Maccardney, Maccardy, Maccarquhar, Maccarracher, Macchardaidh, Macchardy, Macchlerich, Macchlery, Macchomay, Macchombeich, Macchombich, Macchomich, Macclachan, Macclachane, Macclathan, Macclearey, Maccleary, Maccleche, Macclees, Maccleiche, Maccleisch, Maccleish, Maccleishe, Maccleisich, Macclerich, Maccleriche, Macclerie, Macclery, Macclese, Maccleys, Maccliesh, Macclirie, Macclurich, Maccoage, Maccoleis, Maccolleis, Maccolm, Maccolme, Maccolmie, Maccolmy, Maccomaidh, Maccomais, Maccomas, Maccomash, Maccomb, Maccombe, Maccombich, Maccombie, Maccombs, Maccome, Maccomes, Maccomey, Maccomiche, Maccomick, Maccomie, Maccomish, Maccomy, Macconche, Macconchie, Macconchy, Maccondach, Maccondachie, Maccondachy, Maccondie, Maccondochie, Maccondoquhy, Macconnchye, Macconquhy, Macconquy, Maccourich, Maccuinn, Macculican, Macculigan, Macculigin, Macculikan, Macculiken, Maccune, Maccunn, Maccurich, Maccurie, Maccurrach, Maccurragh, Maccurrich, Maccurrie, Maccurry, Maccwne, Macdade, Macdaid, Macdavid, Macearachar, Macearacher, Macegie, Maceleary, Macelhatton, Macelpersoun, Macelroy, Macelvain, Macelveen, Macelwain, Macentyre, Maceracher, Macerar, Macerchar, Macerracher, Macerrocher, Macfaell, Macfail, Macfal, Macfale, Macfall, Macfarquhar, Macfarquher, Macfarsane, Macfarsne, Macfarson, Macfaul, Macfauld, Macfaull, Macfayle, Macferchar, Macferquhair, Macferquhare, Macferson, Macfersoune, Macfoill, Macforsoun, Macfuirigh, Macfyall, Macgabhawn, Macghobhainn, Macghowin, Macgilchatton, Macgiligan, Macgillas, Macgillavary, Macgillebeatha, Macgillechattan, Macgilleglash, Macgilleis, Macgillese, Macgillevary, Macgillevoray, Macgillevorie, Macgillevray, Macgillewra, Macgillewray, Macgillican, Macgillies, Macgilligain, Macgilligan, Macgilligin, Macgillis, Macgillish, Macgillivary, Macgillivoor, Macgillivraid, Macgillivray, Macgillivrie, Macgillivry, Macgillowray, Macgillvary, Macgillveray, Macgillvery, Macgillvra, Macgillvray, Macgilrey, Macgilroy, Macgilroye, Macgilvane, Macgilvary, Macgilvery, Macgilvory, Macgilvra, Macgilvray, Macgilweane, Macgilwrey, Macglashan, Macglashen, Macglashin, Macglassan, Macglassin, Macglasson, Macgleish, Macgouan, Macgoun, Macgoune, Macgovin, Macgow, Macgowan, Macgowen, Macgown, Macgowne, Macgowy, Macgruaig, Macguilvery, Macguin, Macgulican, Macharday, Machardie, Machardy, Machatton, Machay, Machee, Machillies, Machilmane, Machomas, Machomash, Machomie, Machquan, Machquhan, Machuin, Macilbraie, Macilchattan, Macilchombie, Macilchomich, Macilchomie, Macilchomy, Macilees, Macileish, Macilhatton, Macilishe, Maciliwray, Macillees, Macilleese, Macilleglass, Macilleish, Macillory, Macillvain, Macillveyan, Macillvra, Macilmeane, Macilmeine, Macilmeyne, Maciloray, Macilra, Macilray, Macilrie, Macilroy, Maciluray, Macilvain, Macilvaine, Macilvane, Macilvayne, Macilvean, Macilveane, Macilveen, Macilveerie, Macilvery, Macilvian, Macilvora, Macilvoray, Macilvory, Macilvra, Macilvrach, Macilvrae, Macilvray, Macilwain, Macilwaine, Macilweine, Macilwra, Macilwray, Macinally, Macinclerich, Macinclerie, Macinclerycht, Macinferson, Macinteer, Macintire, Macintosh, Macintyir, Macintyr, Macintyre, Mackaggie, Mackaig, Mackaige, Mackaigh, Mackandrew, Mackardie, Mackbayth, Mackcaige, Mackeag, Mackeandla, Mackeeg, Mackegg, Mackeggie, Mackeig, Mackeith, Mackelecan, Mackelegan, Mackelican, Mackelrae, Mackelvain, Mackentyre, Mackeracher, Mackerchar, Mackercher, Mackerichar, Mackericher, Mackerracher, Mackerricher, Mackethe, Mackglesson, Mackhardie, Mackigg, Mackilferson, Mackilican, Mackilikin, Mackillican, Mackillicane, Mackillichane, Mackilligan, Mackilligane, Mackilligin, Mackilrae, Mackilrea, Mackilroy, Mackilvain, Mackilvane, Mackilven, Mackilwein, Mackilweyan, Mackilwyan, Mackindlay, Mackinfarsoun, Mackinla, Mackinlay, Mackinley, Mackintishie, Mackintoch, Mackintoche, Mackintoisch, Mackintorss, Mackintosh, Mackintyre, Mackleiry, Mackleroy, Macklewain, Mackomash, Mackomie, Mackommie, Mackomy, Mackperson, Mackphaill, Mackpharsone, Mackqueane, Mackquyne, Mackreiche, Mackritchy, Mackulican, Mackurrich, Mackury, Mackygo, Mackynioyss, Mackyntoich, Mackyntossche, Mackyntoys, Maclear, Macleary, Macleash, Maclees, Macleesh, Macleich, Macleish, Maclerich, Maclerie, Macleroy, Maclese, Macless, Maclewain, Maclglesson, Maclise, Maclish, Macliss, Maclroy, Macmhourich, Macmhuireadhaigh, Macmhuirich, Macmhuirrich, Macmordoch, Macmuiredhaigh, Macmuiredhuigh, Macmuirigh, Macmurich, Macmurrich, Macmurriche, Macmurrycht, Macnally, Macnaoimhin, Macneiving, Macnevin, Macnivaine, Macniven, Macomie, Macomish, Maconchie, Maconlay, Macoulroy, Macourich, Macpaill, Macpaul, Macpearson, Macperson, Macpersone, Macpersonn, Macphael, Macphaell, Macphail, Macphaile, Macphaill, Macphale, Macpharson, Macphaul, Macphaull, Macphayll, Macphearson, Macphell, Macphersen, Macpherson, Macphersone, Macphial, Macphiel, Macqhardies, Macquain, Macquan, Macquaynes, Macquean, Macqueane, Macqueen, Macqueeney, Macqueenie, Macquein, Macqueine, Macquen, Macquene, Macqueyn, Macqueyne, Macquhan, Macquheen, Macquhen, Macquhenn, Macquhenne, Macquheyne, Macquhyn, Macquhyne, Macquien, Macquin, Macquine, Macquinne, Macquinnes, Macraild, Macraill, Macrailt, Macreekie, Macreiche, Macriche, Macrichie, Macrikie, Macritchey, Macritchie, Macritchy, Macryche, Macsayde, Macseveney, Macshuibhne, Macsuain, Macsuin, Macswain, Macswaine, Macswan, Macswane, Macsween, Macswen, Macsweyne, Macswyde, Macswyne, Mactarlach, Mactarlich, Mactavish, Mactear, Macteer, Macteir, Macter, Mactere, Macterlach, Macteyr, Macthearlaich, Macthom, Macthomaidh, Macthomais, Macthomas, Macthome, Macthomie, Mactier, Mactire, Mactoiche, Mactomais, Mactoschy, Mactoshy, Mactyr, Mactyre, Macuirigh, Macune, Macurich, Macvail, Macvain, Macvaine, Macvale, Macvane, Macvarraich, Macvarrich, Macvean, Macveane, Macveirrich, Macvirrich, Macvirriche, Macvoerich, Macvorich, Macvoriche, Macvorrich, Macvourich, Macvurich, Macvurie, Macvurirch, Macvuririch, Macvurrich, Macvurriche, Macwean, Macweane, Macwhan, Macwhanne, Macwhin, Macwhinn, Macwirrich, Macwirriche, Macwurie, Macylory, Macylroy, Macylroye, Macylveine, Macyntyre, Maelbeth, Makandro, Makcome, Makcomius, Makconchie, Makcurrie, Makeeg, Makfaill, Makfale, Makfarson, Makfassane, Makfele, Makferquhair, Makfersan, Makfersone, Makfersoun, Makferssoun, Makghobhainn, Makgilroy, Makgilvane, Makgowane, Makgowin, Makhaig, Makillewray, Makilmain, Makilmeyn, Makilrow, Makilvane, Makilvene, Makilwene, Makilwyane, Makimpersone, Makintare, Makkilrow, Maklearie, Makleis, Makmurdie, Makmurriche, Makmurthe, Makphaile, Makphersone, Makquean, Makquene, Makquhan, Makquhane, Makquhen, Makquhon, Makryche, Makteir, Makter, Makthome, Makthomy, Maktyre, Makulikin, Makvirriche, Makynparsone, Malbeth, Maquhon, Meikleroy, Mekilwaine, Melbeth, Micklroy, Milroy, Mordac, Mordake, Mordik, Mordoc, Mordok, Mordyk, Moreduc, Morthaich, Mourdac, Mteir, Muireach, Muireadhach, Muiredach, Murdac, Murdak, Murdoc, Murdoch, Murdock, Murdoson, Murdy, Murreich, Murthac, Murthak, Naomhin, Nickphaile, Nobil, Nobile, Nobill, Noble, Pal, Paul, Paule, Paull, Pearson, Pharquhair, Pherharchd, Phinlaw, Pol, Pole, Quin, Quinn, Raich, Reach, Reacht, Reaich, Reauch, Reaucht, Reche, Rechie, Rechtie, Rechy, Reiach, Reith, Reithe, Reoch, Reoche, Rethe, Reuch, Revan, Revans, Reyth, Riach, Riauch, Riche, Richie, Rioch, Rioche, Ritchie, Roeoch, Rychy, Rychze, Rytchie, Saythe, Scaith, Scayth, Schau, Schaw, Schawe, Scheoch, Scheok, Schiach, Schioch, Schioche, Seah, Seath, Seith, Seth, Sha, Shau, Shaw, Shawe, Shay, Sheach, Sheath, Sheehan, Sheoch, Shiach, Siache, Sith, Sithach, Sithech, Sithig, Skaith, Smeayth, Smith, Smyith, Smyithe, Smyth, Smythe, Suain, Svan, Sveinn, Swain, Swan, Swane, Swann, Swayne, Sween, Swein, Sweing, Swen, Sweyn, Sweyne, Swyde, Swyn, Swyne, Sythach, Sythag, Sythock, Tam, Tameson, Tamesone, Tamson, Tamsone, Tarall, Taroll, Tarrel, Tarrell, Tarrill, Terale, Terrel, Terrell, Terroll, Thom, Thomas, Thomason, Thomasson, Thomassone, Thomassoun, Thome, Thomessone, Thompson, Thoms, Thomson, Thomsone, Thomsoun, Thomsoune, Thomsson, Thowmis, Thowms, Tire, Toash, Toische, Tomson, Tomsone, Tyre, Vail, Vcgillevorie, Vconchie, Versen

LG 6 months ago at 05:18
Lovely tartan! I'm surprised given the large number of confederated clans in Chattan that no one has this is a standard 16 oz wool. It would seem that it would be popular with many.