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Quaichs: The Perfect Gift for Wedding Season and Beyond

Quaichs: The Perfect Gift for Wedding Season and Beyond
By Dmitriy Maslenitsyn

You've got your kilt outfit or chosen a beautiful sash for yourself, and you're almost ready for that upcoming wedding you're attending. Just one last point of business to sort out: what kind of gift do you get? Or maybe, you're just looking for a nice Scottish gift for someone special in your life, perhaps for an important life event or birthday.

There are so many gift ideas to choose from, with whisky glasses, fancy cuff links, or special tartan stuffed animals making up just a few of the popular choices. But there's one type of gift which is always impressive and holds special significance in Scottish culture: the elegant quaich.

We'll skip the interesting backstory of quaichs since we've covered it in another blog post, but we still wanted to highlight just a few ideas for picking a quaich your loved ones will cherish for many years to come.

Quaichs are an elegant and unique gift idea perfectly suited for many occasions!

Three Stunning Quaichs Perfect for Gifting

With so many different quaichs on offer, it can be difficult to narrow your options down to a couple. We've rounded up three of the most popular quaichs to help you choose the perfect gift.

For a very traditional gift that highlights the recipient's family and clan ties, the Clan Crest Quaich is a great option. This pewter quaich which is available in a wide range of sizes and clan crests can optionally come with an engraving of your choice on either the outside or inside of the bowl. To make it a particularly traditional gift, consider having the clan's motto engraved.

If you're after something a little less reserved, a better option may be the Celtic Gemset Quaich. Also made out of the traditional solid pewter, this quaich's bowl is adorned with some stunning gemstones to add a bit of extra luxury. This kind of quaich may be better suited as a more "personal" gift for a close family member, so you may consider having something more individually meaningful engraved, such as a birthday or anniversary message.

Our fancy Celtic Gemset Quaich, complete with gemstones

Tradition and luxury don't need to get in the way of utility. The Wood and Pewter Quaich is a great choice for someone who is both traditional and practical, or has a more reserved personality but still enjoys a touch of class. While the inside of the quaich is still made of the traditional pewter, the outside is instead made of high quality wood. The combination of the two materials make for a very unique gift suitable for almost anyone. The pewter inside of the bowl can also optionally be engraved with a message of your choice.

Our Wood and Pewter Quaich is a perfect gift for a refined taste

Don't Forget the Small Things

If you're buying a quaich for a particularly special time in someone's life, it's also important to consider how you'll present the gift. If you've spent the time choosing the perfect gift and decided on a meaningful engraving message, it's worth thinking about the box the quaich will come in. If you don't have a nice presentation box available at home or a nearby store, all three of these quaichs can also come with an optional satin-lined presentation box.

Closing Thoughts

The quaich is one of the most traditional Scottish gifts you can find. It's been a staple of Scottish events and dinner tables for many centuries now, and has cemented itself as one of the best gift ideas for anyone looking for a Scottish present for someone special in their life. We hope that this short roundup of some of the most popular quaichs out there will get you thinking, but be sure to check out our guide on kilt pins or creating your own tartan gift if you're looking for some more inspiration!