Unusual Tartans!

By Monica

Tartans aren't only for Scottish clans- tartan can be designed for corporate uses, to signify an event or even for a film or character.

Here are some tartans you have probably never heard of, that have actually been registered!

CLAN Custom Creations: Fourth Be With You

By Dmitriy Maslenitsyn

The Star Wars universe may exist in a galaxy far, far away, but Star Wars was never that far, far away from Scotland! The fourth of May is known worldwide as Star Wars Day, and we wanted to celebrate one of our favourite franchises by designing a tartan to highlight the Scottish connection.

Clan Custom Creations: Heroes of Edinburgh

By Kirsty McIntyre

You might have noticed one or two familiar faces if you were in Edinburgh's city centre in April 2017...

The Wackiest Scottish Traditions in History

By Sophie

Today we're looking at some of the wackiest Scottish traditions. From Haggis Hurling to Coal Carrying us Scots know how to keep a weird tradition going, no matter how strange. Test your knowledge and see how many of these you know.

The World Stone Skimming Championships

By Sophie

This weekend the World Stone Skimming Championships will be held on Easdale Island.

Bagpipes... 20 Fun Facts

By Sophie

Think you know everything there is to know about Bagpipes? Think again...

We've got 20 fun facts about the famous instrument to test your knowledge.

Irn Bru - Did you know?

By Sophie

Think you know everything there is to know about Irn-Bru? Take a look at our fun facts and test yourself!

Solving the Mystery of The Calanais Standing Stones

By Sophie

If you've been keeping up with Outlander, you'll be familiar with Scotland's famous standing stone circles. These mysterious formations hold as many secrets, as they do clues, on how they came to be. Today we look at what the standing stones really are and why they were put there.

The Wild Haggis

By Sophie

In this article we learn about the infamous Wild Haggis! Take a look for everything you need to know about this famous beast!

The Heilan Coo - Did you know...?

By Sophie

Today, we take a look at Scotland's arguably most famous resident - the Highland Cow. Known for their beautiful red coats and long horns, the highland cow has found itself with quite a reputation. Although this well loved creature is famously iconic, behind the image, there are a number of facts about this fascinating cow that you may not know: