Get Crafty this Valentines Day

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Not sure what to make your valentine this year? Why not opt for a home made gift and really wow your loved one? Add a touch of tartan this Valentines day and combine heritage with love in these easy-to-make tartan valentine gifts! Read on for some ideas on how to get crafty this Valentines Day!

'Love for Love' by Robert Burns

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Thinking of proposing this Valentines Day? Why not take some inspiration from Robert Burns in his poem Love for Love...

The Charm of Love

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A Luckenbooth brooch is a Scottish heart-shaped brooch, often with a crown above one heart, or two intertwined hearts. The brooches are typically made of silver, and are sometimes engraved or set with stones. For the wealthier customer, Luckenbooth brooches would be made with gold, however silver was common among 'lucky' charms and affordable to those who were poorer.

A Toast to the Haggis

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On the 25th of January, Scots around the world come together to celebrate the birthday of Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet. Robert Burns had a rare talent for expressing life through others' shoes and composed some of the world's most recognisable lines of poetry and song. His words have been cherished and recited for the past two centuries, in examples like promising to 'tak a cup o' kindness' with our neighbours as the new year bells chime.

Up Helly Aa

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In the year leading up to this fantastic fire festival, locals are busy at work building an impressive replica Viking boat. Incredible effort and work goes into making every detail of the ship perfect and ready, just in time for the ancient Up Helly Aa festival. Since the 1800s, Shetland have been celebrating the 24th day after Christmas as 'Antonsmas' or 'Up Helly Night'. This annual celebration comprises of a number of fire festivals held in the middle of the winter season, to mark the end of the Yule season.

Dooking the Loony

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Heavy night? What better way to blow away feeling fragile, than with a dook in the freezing waters of the River Forth? Do you dare to welcome 2018 with a winter splash?