Assorted Metal Kilt Pins (set of 6)

This great set of assorted kilt pins, is made in a sturdy, traditional diaper pin design. This adds classic style to any kilt outfit.
Dimensions various
Budget Value
Material Steel
Emblem Simple
  • Traditional design
  • Use on all your skirts and kilts
  • Stainless Steel
  • Strong and secure
  • Assorted sizes

The story behind the kilt pin is a rather sweet one and involves Queen Victoria surveying her kilted troops on windy day and sacrificing one of her hat pins to preserve a certain soldier's modesty.

The tradition of wearing a kilt pin, even when its not windy, has stuck. Scotweb's set of assorted kilt pins secure secure a kilt without making the outfit too ostentatious, particularly useful for daytime or casual events.

This set of nappy style pins is also great for securing ladies kilted skirts - long or short. Made from stainless steel so they won't rust, the pins come in a variety of sizes and colours (brass, gold and silver) to suit any outfit and accessories perfectly.

Safety pins have been made cool by punk clothing and fastening these diaper style pins a few inches from the bottom of your kilt or skirt is practical and stylish.

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